Ask IT

The target group of the Ask IT service are the residents of Soihtu. The purpose of the service is to support them in IT-related questions, especially in the use of the Soihtu broadband network. The Ask IT service consists of the following part services:

  • the help/guidance site (this site)
  • the Ask IT contact form
  • the handling of service requests received by the form

Filling in the Ask IT form

The Ask IT form can be found at . There are problem situations in which you cannot access the Ask IT form through your computer that is connected to the Soihtunet network. In that case, you might access the internet with another data terminal (e.g. mobile phone). There are also computers that you can use to fill in the Ask IT form in the Rentukka Learning space and the Kortepohja library.

  • Carefully fill in the form.
  • You can write useful additional information in the ”Description of the problem” - section.

Handling of the Ask IT service requests

The service requests sent through the Ask IT form will be saved with a date stamp. All service requests will be processed and answered to without delay.