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Junction box

Each Soihtu apartment has one or more junction boxes of the Soihtunet network. The junction boxes are located at the bottom of the wall. The network cable should be connected to the hole (the socket) in the junction box.

The traditional junction box has usually two visible sockets.
Hybrid junction box can be found in almost all apartments in H and J buildings

There are two main types of junction boxes: the traditional junction box, in which the sockets are clearly visible, and the hybrid junction box, in which the socket is hidden in the lower surface of the box. The hybrid junction boxes are in the apartments of H building and J building (one per apartment), and, depending on the number of rooms in the apartment, they also have one or more traditional junction boxes on a different wall.

Sometimes, the socket has worn loose. In that case, the connector of the network cable will not always set in the same position, and the internet connection might cut off. If the cutting off happens often, send the Ask IT contact form and tell in it about your problem situation.

In general, every room has exactly one socket in which the connection has been switched forward. Therefore, if you do not receive connection at first attempt, you should try the other socket hole. In the F, H and J buildings, there is one “extra” junction box due to the cabling technique. In your apartment in the F, H or J building, you can ask for the connection to be switched from one box to another, so that you can access the junction box that is better located relative to the furniture. Send the request through the Ask IT form.

Junction box instructions for A, B, C, D and E buildings of the Student Village and all the apartments of Korttelikylä

In the renovated A-D buildings and Korttelikylä apartments you can select which junction box to use

In the renovated A-D buildings of the Student Village and in the apartments of Korttelikylä, the connection has been brought to the electrical cabinet of the apartment. In the cabinet, there is a short connection cord, with which the tenant can choose whether to connect the apartment’s junction box 1 or junction box 2 to the network. There is also space for a router in the electrical cabinet, so that it can be neatly put out of sight.

The short connection cord is a part of the equipment/outfit/furnishing of the apartment, and it cannot be taken away from the electrical cabinet. If the cable is missing when you move into the apartment, or is damaged at any point, please contact the IT support through the Ask IT form.