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Slow network connection

Sometimes, the connection of the Soihtu network can work slowly, the connection might break down momentarily, or a service that is normally used through the network might stop working. The problems might be caused by many things, and usually they solve themselves after a while.


1. Check whether your Data Transfer Quota has been filled.

  • Unordered List ItemThe data transfer quota is the most usual reason for the slow connection, and it can easily be fulfilled almost unnoticed.

2. Try using a different internet browser.

  • There can be surprising differences between internet browsers. Browser extensions that are meant for different internet content can differ from each other, browsers might use network settings differently etc.

3. If you use the Univercity Proxy Server, also try how the connection is without it.

  • If the connection works better without the proxy server, the problem lies within the server and you should let the IT Services of the university know about it.

4. If your network connection is cut off completely, read the Network outage instructions.

5. If the quality of the connection is low for a long period of time, you should submit a report through the Ask IT contact form. When filling in the form, describe what kind of results you got when going through this checklist.